US Open Golf 2016 TV Broadcast Schedule, Dates, Venue

US Open Golf 2016 Dates, Schedule, Venue, USGA Info: US Open golf 2016 is an open Golf tournament in United States. It is major championship of Golf and it is conducted by United States Of Golf Association (USGA). US Open 2016 Golf Tournament will start on mid June and the final round will be on June 19th. There is no weather delays in US open golf tournament. The venue of US Open Golf 2016 has been again Oakmont this year too creating a record in Hosting venue. US open 2016 golf venue is at Oakmont Country Club.

US Open Golf 2016 Dates, Schedule, Venue:

US Open Golf of 2016 is the 116th edition and This year's US Open Golf tournament has marked a new record that, Oakmont Country Club is the first club to host US Open Golf Tournament for 8 times. Us Open 2016 golf dates  is on June 13th to June 19th of this year. US open 2016 golf final round date is on June 19th 3rd Sunday of June. US open schedule will be released on June 6th  to see the full schedule of US Open 2016 golf visit US Open 2016. US Open 2016 golf Venue is at Oakmont Country Club It is biggest field around 7,255 yards. In US open 2016 golf Schedule at Oakmont has 70 pars. United States Golf Association (USGA) will select the players in US open 2016 golf by Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) from this top 60 are selected to US open 2016 golf Special exemptions are selected by United States Golf Association  (USGA).

 US Open 2016 Golf Dates:

When does US Open 2016 Golf start : June 16th, 2016 {Thursday}

  • June 16
  • June 17
  • June 18
  • June 19

US Open 2016 Golf Venue:

US Open 2016 golf will be conducted on Oakmont Country Club at Pennsylvania by United States Golf Association (USGA)

US open 2016 golf schedule will be declared on June 6th to see the full schedule of US Open 2016 visitUS Open Golf  . This is 8th time to Oakmont Country Club to host US open 2016 golf. Oakmont club is present at Pennsylvania. It is the largest golf field it has around 6,634 meters long. US Open 2016 Golf is the 116th edition.  
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